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 “It is my great pleasure to write about our experience house hunting, buying, and investing with Kerry. Buying a home is never an easy thing. Doing it while relocating 2500 miles, starting a new job, and living in-out of the suitcase is even harder. Whether through some higher force or just luck, through some funny circumstance of a random banker from my old bank, I was referred to Kerry. A quick phone call with some random agent, and forever skeptical about all of the people working on commission, I never thought that I would actually meet the most resourceful, honest, committed, and caring person like Kerry. And when you are completely new to the area, city, and a state, such a person is the very difference between making a great investment and making a great mistake.

As soon as we finished our first phone call, Kerry sent me some 15 properties that were aligned with my original goals (area, price, size, etc.). Two days later, we were on a tour of 8 out of those 15 properties. At every single location, Kerry brought her keen eye to all of the nuances, and a few times was very critical of the listing agents calling them out on the quick fixes or camouflages which could have led to major problems down the road. Another 20 properties later, and a few more visits, we found the property that was worth the investment. The property that we bought was already a great investment when we bought it. In the process, Kerry connected us with a different bank which then had a great program that allowed us the most favorable financing in the country (30 year mortgage on 3.2% in 2018). 

Given that we are handy and love to make upgrades on the properties that we own, we continued to work with Kerry and within a year and the upgrades that we made, the value of the property has doubled. Now we are so excited thinking about the future where we list this property and then make another investment -- and the only person we would ever consider to represent our interest is Kerry.” 

- Vlad 

 “When my husband and I set out to buy a 2nd home in Bolinas, CA, we knew we were going to be up against a big challenge. Homes in that area are hard to come by, but we knew that Kerry was up for the task. Kerry’s professional approach to helping us search for the perfect home was exactly what was needed. She researched the area, and made many trips out there with us to hunt for homes, both on and off-market. When a house in our price range and ideal location came on the market, Kerry jumped on it with lightning speed. Within a day, we were out there meeting with the local realtor and put in an offer shortly thereafter. Despite some competition, we ended up getting the house! We owe it all to Kerry, for her diligence and professionalism. It was a tricky time of year, being right before the holidays, and in the midst of the fires that were close by, but she never wavered. We can’t thank Kerry enough for all she did to make our dream home in Bolinas a reality! “ 

- Dani 

“I recently purchased a home in Mill Valley with Kerry Evdokimoff as my agent. My husband and I were thrilled with Kerry. We had quite specific requirements. As a result, we searched for just the right opportunity for almost two years. For all that time, Kerry consistently made us aware of prospects as soon as they became available—sometimes even before they were on the market. She always made us feel like we were her highest priority. When Kerry saw our recently purchased home at the brokers’ open house, she knew instantly that it was “the one.” The seller wanted a quick sale: the only open house was on a Sunday, with offers accepted the following Tuesday. Because we were out of town over the weekend, Kerry arranged a private showing on Monday, and she wrote our offer the following day. Kerry offered invaluable guidance on how to craft a successful offer, and, with her help, ours was the one chosen by the seller. We had a very short time to close, but Kerry dealt with every task smoothly and efficiently. She responded to all of our questions and concerns quickly. What could have been a stressful, chaotic time went incredibly smoothly, and I attribute 100% of that to the calm, professional service Kerry provided. In sum, Kerry is an agent who possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the area and the market. She is incredibly client-focused and capable, and does her job with obvious enthusiasm. She helped us be the successful bidders for our dream home, and helped us to close the transaction without a hitch. This is the fourth home I have purchased in my lifetime, and I have never had an agent as dedicated and fun to work with as Kerry, and I have never had a transaction go so smoothly. I cannot recommend Kerry’s work highly enough. My husband and I are so, so grateful to have had her help to buy this home, the last house we plan to buy—the house we plan to grow old in together.” 

- Lisa

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